StarkNet is one of the L2 solutions of ZK Rollup, which is also a popular airdrop opportunity. Here I research and organize a piece of information for your reference. As the same L2 ZK Rollup solution, the strategy is the same as the previous zkSync Airdrop Strategy.


Unlike zkSync, StarkNet is not an EVM-compatible, so we cannot use Metamask directly. A StarkNet-specific wallet must be downloaded. Refer to the wallet application recommended by official website:


StarkNet’s Bridge page, it is better to bridge when fee is under $8.


List some applications that have been on the mainnet

NameToken LaunchedTypeRemarks
AspectXNFTNot Mint
10K SwapXDEX
Pawa swapXDEX


Cost estimation based on my actual execution. When the gas price is lower, it should be cheaper.

Ethereum Mainnet

OperationEstimated Cost
Bridge Deposit0.0033 ETH
Transfer ETH0.0005 ETH
Total0.0038 ETH


OperationEstimated Cost
Enable account0.00014 ETH
Mint Square Mint0.0003 ETH
Mint Square Approve0.0001 ETH
10K Swap Trade0.00035 ETH
10K Swap Add Liquidity0.00042 ETH
10K Swap Remove Liquidity0.00045 ETH
JediSwap Trade0.00028 ETH
JediSwap Add Liquidity0.00037 ETH
JediSwap Remove Liquidity0.00033 ETH
mySwap Trade0.00024 ETH
mySwap Add Liquidity0.00032 ETH
mySwap Remove Liquidity0.00031 ETH
Pawa swap Trade0.0003 ETH
GoL2 Evolve0.00016 ETH
GoL2 Give Life0.00012 ETH
Bridge withdrawal0.0009 ETH
Total0.00509 ETH

If you want the strategy of continuous interaction, an additional 83 transactions are performed to reach 100 times (0.00035 * 83 = 0.02905), and the estimated total deposit amount required is 0.03414 ETH.


ChainBasic StrategyContinuous Interaction Strategy
Ethereum0.0038 ETH0.0038 ETH
StarkNet0.00509 ETH0.03414 ETH
Total0.00889 ETH0.03794 ETH