Arbitrum has been airdropped a while ago, and I heard that some people have retired by airdrop. zkSync is the next popular airdrop opportunity. Here I research and organize a piece of information for your reference. The next post zkSync Airdrop Guide Step by Step provides an step by step tutorial.

Airdrop Rules

Before starting the zkSync interaction, let’s refer to the recent Arbitrum, which is also Layer 2, and the previous Optimism airdrop rules as a reference.


Refer to Optimism Airdrop Rules:

  1. Early users, who have bridged, or used for more than 1 day and have used an app.
  2. Active users, made at least 1 transaction with an app across four or more distinct weeks.
  3. Voters, has either voted on or authored at least one proposal onchain, or at least two on off-chain. (Used Governor Alpha and Bravo, Aave, Curve, Maker, Aragon, DAOHaus, DAOStack and Snapshot etc.)
  4. Multi-signature users, signer on a Multi-Sig which has executed at least 10 transactions all-time. (Used Gnosis Safe v0.1.0-1.3.0, MultiSigWithDailyLimit, MultiSigWalletWithTimeLock, and a contract marked as Multisig in Etherscan with a function to get owner addresses)
  5. Donors, who have used Gitcoin to donate.
  6. Bridged to another chain, but still made an app transaction on Ethereum in each month after they bridged, and transacted at an average rate of at least 2 per week since then.


Refer to Arbitrum Airdrop Rules:

  1. You’ve bridged funds into Arbitrum One / Nova
  2. You’ve conducted transactions during 2 / 6 /9 distinct months
  3. You’ve conducted more than 4 / 10 / 25 / 100 transactions OR interacted with more than 4 / 10 / 25/ 100 smart contracts
  4. You’ve conducted transactions with more than $10,000 / $50,000 / $250,000 in aggregate value
  5. You’ve deposited more than $10,000 / $50,000 / %250,000 of assets
  6. You’ve conducted more than 3 / 5 / 10 transactions

Each item has multiple levels.

zkSync Strategy

From the above rules it can be seen that bridge and continuous interaction are the main ones. Others are the use of certain functions, such as: voting, multi-signature and donation functions, as well as the amount of value and transactions. In addition, Arbitrum has two chains, Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova, which are similar to zkSync. zkSync has zkSync 1.0 (Lite) and zkSync 2.0 (Era). If we follow the same pattern and combine the all rules, we can carry out the following strategies:

Must: zkSync interaction

  1. Bridge to Lite and Era. (also consider that bridge back to L1)
  2. Interact with different apps several times a week or month. (Compared to Arbitrum, Lite has more than 10 times and Era has more than 100 times)

Optional: Interact with other apps

  1. Use Gitcoin to donate.
  2. Use Safe to multi-sign.
  3. Use Snapshot to vote.

zkSync Interaction

Since zkSync has two chains, the following chapters will be arranged in chains.

zkSync 1.0 (Lite)

There are not many things that this version of zkSync can do, only one app (ZigZag) can be used, so it is bridge, the official mint NFT and ZigZag interaction.

  1. Bridge
  2. Mint NFT
  3. ZigZag

zkSync 2.0 (Era)

Era just opened the Mainnet Alpha for all users. Before that, we can only use the testnet, so you can consider directly interacting with the mainnet or both.


You have to bridge before interactions, you can choose from the Bridge or Portal page:


The following is a list of some apps. The column of “Token Launched” is whether the project has launched token. If it is not, maybe we can also get airdrop in the future.

NameToken LaunchedTypeRemarks
MES ProtocolXDex
EraLendXLendingNexon Finance formerly, hacked, don’t use in temporary
zkSync Name ServiceXName ServiceIt is cheaper if the length is more than 5 characters (0.0029 ETH)


There is also other rule of airdrops is to complete missions. Zealy (Former Crew3) is a mission platform like Galxe, zkSync missions are on Zealy, it is recommended to complete the missions. The next article also contains a tutorial: zkSync Airdrop Guide Step by Step.


Cost estimation based on my actual execution. When the gas price is lower, it should be cheaper.


OperationEstimated Cost
Lite Bridge Deposit0.002 ETH
Era Bridge Deposit0.0034 ETH
Transfer ETH0.0005 ETH
Total0.0059 ETH

zkSync 1.0 (Lite)

OperationEstimated Cost
Enable account0.0008 ETH
Mint NFT0.00008 ETH
Withdraw NFT0.01 ETH
ZigZag Transaction0.00008 ETH
ZigZag transaction loss0.00002 ETH
Brdige withdrawal0.0035 ETH
Total0.00448 ETH

If you want the strategy of continuous interaction, ZigZag will make 7 additional transactions ((0.00008 + 0.00002) * 7 = 0.0007), and the estimated total deposit amount is 0.00518 ETH.

zkSync 2.0 (Era)

OperationEstimated Cost
Mute.Switch Trade0.00039 ETH
Mute.Switch Approve USDC0.00016 ETH
Mute.Switch Deposit USDC/WETH0.0007 ETH
Mute.Switch Approve USDC/WETH0.00016 ETH
Mute.Switch Withdraw USDC/WETH0.0024 ETH
SyncSwap Trade0.0003 ETH
SyncSwap Approve USDC0.00016 ETH
SyncSwap Deposit USDC0.0006 ETH
SyncSwap Withdraw USDC0.0016 ETH
Mint Square Mint0.0005 ETH
Mint Square Approve0.00013 ETH
zkSync Name Service Reqister0.0008 ETH + 0.0029 ETH
zkSync Name Service Reverse Record0.00025 ETH
Bridge withdrawal0.00064 ETH
Total0.01169 ETH

If you want the strategy of continuous interaction, an additional 86 transactions are performed to reach 100 times (0.00039 * 86 = 0.03354), and the estimated total deposit amount required is 0.04523 ETH.


ChainBasic StrategyContinuous Interaction Strategy
Ethereum0.0059 ETH0.0059 ETH
zkSync 1.0 (Lite)0.00448 ETH0.00518 ETH
zkSync 2.0 (Era)0.01169 ETH0.04523 ETH
Total0.02207 ETH0.05631 ETH

It is safer to reserve an additional 0.004 ETH in the wallet.

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