I accidentally saw a transfer on Debank, 23000 AI-A (AI Avail), worth $1740?

My intuition tells me that this is a scam. I have encountered one that cannot be transferred before. I don’t know what it is. Let’s do some research first. Go to Pancakeswap to try it, it seems that there is money to exchange.

Try if I can transfer the money, the result is OK, it looks ok.

Let’s take a look at Approve first, and find that the fee is very expensive (I deposited a little money later for the screenshot, which was originally $2.4).

It seems that there is no BNB sent out secretly, and I don’t have too much money in my wallet, so try it. After sending it out, the wallet was out of money.

But Pancackeswap is still in the unapproved state. Click on the transaction to check. We can see it minted Gas Token with my gas fee and transfer to the hacker.

It took 0.0078 BNB to learn a new scam method. Even if you perform the Approve action on a trusted website, you may lose money. Please be careful.

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