LayerZero is a cross-chain solution, and it is also a possible airdrop project that everyone has been paying attention to recently. Here is a research and compilation of information for your reference.


LayerZero is quite different from other projects. There is no direct reference strategy, and it basically focuses on interacting with related dapps. Unlike other chains, end users cannot directly use it, but indirectly generate transactions on LayerZero through interaction with other applications built on this chain.

After executing a transaction on the relevant application, it can be found in the LayerZero explorer. For example, I randomly pick a transaction, and I can see that he is using Stargate to transfer tokens from Arbitrum to Optimism.

So the strategy I’m going to pursue is to periodically generate transactions that can be found in the LayerZero browser. If the main goal is to achieve this, the most cost-effective way is to use Stargate to bridge from a cheap chain to another cheap chain. After testing, the cheapest way is to bridge USDC from Aribitrum to Polygon. The following are possible references that I speculate:

  1. Number of transactions
  2. Amount of the transaction
  3. liquidity provision


Just use Metamask.


It’s a pity that all relevant applications have already launched tokens.

NameToken LaunchedTypeRemarks
StargateOBridgeminimum value 0.000001 USDC
Testnet BridgeXBridgeminimum value 0.00000000000000001 ETH
Bitcoin BridgeOBridge
HarmonyOBridgeminimum value 0.00000000000000001 BNB
Aptos BridgeOBridgeminimum value 0.000001 USD
LiquidswapOBridge, SwapBridge contract is the same as above
Rage TradeOPerp


I mainly only interacted with Stargate and purchased the testnet ETH, because Linea activities can also be used.

OperationEstimated Cost
Stargate Aribitrum Approve USDC0.00005 ETH
Stargate Aribitrum Bridge USDC to Polygon0.00025 ETH
Stargate Aribitrum Bridge USDC to Optimism0.00084 ETH
Stargate Aribitrum Bridge USDC to AVAX0.00046 ETH
Stargate Aribitrum Add Pool0.0001 ETH
Stargate Aribitrum Approve Farm0.00005 ETH
Stargate Aribitrum Stake0.00006 ETH
Testnet Bridge Aribitrum0.0006 ETH
Aptos Bridge USDC Approve0.00005 ETH
Aptos Bridge USDC Aptos0.0007 ETH
Total0.00316 ETH

If you want the strategy of continuous interaction about one hundred transactions, you need a total of about 0.027 ETH, and you need to prepare a little USDC to transfer.